Sunday, December 30, 2012

Light in the Darkness

I am long overdue on updating my blog, but my passion for advocating for the children of BR417 is still strong.  I am happy to report that there are 9 little children listed on the Compassion International sight that currently need sponsors.  Two of the little girls are ones that I posted on this blog two months ago.  Dafyne is four years old and is so delightful in her pink glasses and pink flip-flops.  Bruna is actually featured on the mobile app. and is also four years old and above average in kindergarten.  These little girls live in the squalor and despair of the slums of Forteleza, Brazil called Serviluz.  Children as young as 5 are pushed into prostitution by their own family members so they can fend for themselves or provide drug money for their parents' addictions.  Compassion is a light in this dark place, giving these children refuge from the soul-destroying life on the streets.  Your sponsorship of one of these children will help Compassion provide nutritious food, shelter, refuge, educational help, Bible teaching and love to one more little life.  Together we can lift the dark curtain of hopelessness and show these children that they are blessings and not burdens; God's handiwork and not a curse.
Here is the link to the Compassion page that features the nine children available for sponsorship for only $38 a month, the cost of a Starbucks coffee for 20 days a month or a daily fountain drink.  Most of these children have one meal a day, and that often comes from the Compassion child center.  Giving up one fountain drink a day is a small price to pay to help release a child from poverty.

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